Rick and Colleen’s Blacksburg VA Wedding

Rick and Colleen traveled all the way from California back to Blacksburg, Virginia to have their wedding in their hometown.  They held their ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and their reception at the German Club of Virginia Tech, which is a really nice place to shoot.

It was a day of reuniting with old friends, family, and teachers.  Of dancing and toasting.  Of gorgeous Italian earrings.  Of trivia quizzes.

Yep, I said trivia.  One of the highlights of the reception was finding out the answers to the Rick and Colleen Trivia Challenge.  Did you know they both played clarinet in high school?  And that Rick wrote the string arrangements for their ceremony music?  Are you as impressed as I am by this information?!  I HOPE SO.  (I love musicians.)  They are also one of the most organized couples I’ve met yet.  They had their wedding timeline ready to go a year in advance, and all their wedding information neatly compiled in a notebook.  I aspire to be this organized!

It was a beautiful day, and I’m happy to share it with you now.  Thanks to Lindsay Swain for second shooting at this event.  I especially love the pair of photos she grabbed of Rick and Colleen before the ceremony.

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