The Golladays | Blacksburg Lifestyle Photography

I get invited to spend a lot of big moments with families: weddings, reunions, the arrival of newborns at home.  But honestly, it’s capturing the little moments that I find most fulfilling.  Kids at play in their rooms, snuggling with their parents, racing in the driveway, gobbling up donuts.  Swinging, laughing, drawing, hugging.  These are the moments that make our hearts beat a little more deeply.  (I know you know that feeling.  It’s what your body feels like when your love for them feels so big it could break.)  These are the moments that make a family.  And these moments slip away so quickly, often before we even notice they’ve been there at all.

The Golladays are good friends and it was a real treat to get to spend the morning with them, playing and laughing and documenting — forever — who these special three souls are, right now at this moment.

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