Albums, part 1: The Flushmount

Part 1 of my series of photo albums and books, featuring the beautiful, hardy flushmount!  Click for more.

This summer I went on maternity leave, from both my teaching job and my photography work. While it was really, really hard to say no to weddings during that time, I used the time at home to work really hard on my album offerings (with a baby sleeping on me, most of the time!). I’m pleased to say I now have a whole new line-up of samples, all of which I LOVE. They’re all very different, so I’m going to give each book style its very own blog post, full of pictures and information.

First up, the flushmount!

Flushmounted wedding albums are relatively new. They feature actual photographic prints that have been bonded to each page. This makes for thick pages, heavy books, and BEAUTIFUL, beautiful printing. The printing process provides really crisp prints with deep shadows and vivid color, and the prints should not fade or discolor over time.

There are many, many flushmount album companies available right now. Some even sell directly to consumers. After trying several different companies, I’ve finally settled on one that I absolutely love.  They are called Redtree, they’re based in Kentucky, and they produce gorgeous, classy books with a TIMELESS style.   It’s hard to show in pictures, but this book is simply a joy to hold and touch and flip through. And I am absolutely *in love* with the cover imprinting (photo covers are also available).  To be quite honest, I was ready to give up on flushmounts until I got this book, and now I think EVERYONE needs one.

These flushmounts feature gutter-less spreads, which means there is absolutely no break between pages. This makes them ideal for panoramic spreads. Imagine opening your book to see a full 10×20″ photos of your first kiss as a married couple, surrounded by friends and family at your ceremony. Or a sweeping view of your reception, with lights and dancing and candles all around. These things are possible with the gutterless printing.

My husband loves flushmounts because they “feel well-made.” The construction is definitely top-notch. These flushmounts come in a wide selection of soft leathers (including suede!) and fabrics (silks and linens). They are hand-bound and made to last… definitely something to consider when you’re investing in an album to have for the next 60 years or more.  The downside: thick, heavy, sturdy pages mean you can’t fit quite as many pages in your book.  This book is 25 spreads, and it’s kind of a whopper.  I don’t like to cram more than 3-4 photos per spread, so that means a BIG flush-mount might be good for your top 75-100 wedding photos.  Any more than that, and you probably need to consider something with a little slimmer profile.  That said, for most couples, your top 75 photos is PLENTY.

Enjoy these photos of my sample book, from Kristin and Teddy’s wedding at the Hans Meadows Inn in Christiansburg.  An album like this in included in my top two wedding packages, and you can easily upgrade to it from the base package as well.

Photographer-tested, baby-approved!

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    sarah der
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    Mayo Van Dyck
    September 30, 2011 at 6:43 am

    I love the photos of you baby looking the book!

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