Wedding Albums, part 2: The Press Print

Welcome to part 2 of my album series, featuring the modern press-print photo book.  Click for more!

Press printed albums are exactly what they sound like: albums that are printed on a press, much like a magazine or bookstore book.  They have a slim profile and feature thin, flexible pages like a coffee table book would have.  The press-print books I use lay flat so that you can look at an entire spread at once, but there is a split down the gutter (unlike a flushmount, where paper is continuous across the book).  Because the books are press-printed, the printing is not quite as vivid as a flushmount or matted album, but if you’re just looking for something low key to have around on your coffee table, this is a winner.  They have a very modern look, and are nothing like your parents’ wedding album.

The main advantage to press-printed books is the number of pages they can contain.  A basic press-print like the blue one you see below can have up to 80 or more pages, and the purple book at the bottom of this post can have up to 300.  For couples who have a really difficult time narrowing down their album pictures, a press printed album is often a perfect fit.

This blue book is an 8×10″ press-print with glossy pages and a blue soft leather cover.  The photo is actually mounted as part of the cover (it’s not the first page of the book). This is the type of book that is included in my base wedding package, and it makes a good parent gift book as well, especially in a smaller size.

This particular sample features Bryan and Sarah’s wedding at Montfair Resort Farm in Crozet, Virginia.





The book below is a higher end press print, and can hold up to 300 pages.  Its design is simpler – usually only one photo per page – and the printing is a bit higher quality.  Recycled pages and other eco-friendly options are available with this type of book, as well as about 30 different style options – everything from linens to damask fabrics to hand stitched leathers, from snaps to magnetic closures to raw, unfinished edges.   My favorite feature: the vellum sheets used to divide each section of the book.  The protective sheath is pretty handy, too.




Stay tuned for more products, including portrait books and matted albums.

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