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I’m making an effort to blog at least 15 times this summer.  It really should be easy… just one blog post a week.  However, I’m also trying to tone my blog up a bit: fewer huge, sprawling posts showing every tiny detail of a shoot, and more simple, quickly viewed tidbits.  Someone’s got to train me to edit what I put online better, and evidently, that someone is MYSELF.

So, tonight I had this idea.  I’m going to create a series of posts for 2013 called “Moments.”  They’ll be categorized so you can view them all together if you wish (using the menus up top).  I’m hoping I can post 30 great moments before 2013 ends.  They might be from a portrait session or a wedding or from my own life, but my only rule is this: they must be unscripted and truly photojournalistic.

So to start, here is Moment 1: one of my very favorite photos from a recent wedding in Shenandoah National Park.  It’s just a little bit of gossip between bridesmaids.

Shenandoah Park Wedding



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