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Hello, 2014.


It’s that time of year again.  Tomorrow, and throughout the next few weeks, my Facebook feed will be swimming with “best of” posts from photographer friends.

But not from me.

I’m not going to compile a best of weddings or portraits post this time, for two reasons: (1) there’s a baby asleep on me, which makes it difficult to blog at all, and (2) I honestly don’t want to pick favorites right now.  I may do a personal post with some photos from home, but I just feel ready to put old business aside for a while.

I loved all my clients this year, and I’m proud of the work we did together.  My goal for 2013 was to shoot more consistently… to stop worrying about being “artistic” all the time and just nail the important, classic shots as I visualize them.  And I think I definitely improved in this area.  I also worked hard to streamline my editing and paperwork, get control of my speed lights, and finish (ha!) buying gear.  AND this blog saw more action in 2013; I think I managed to post at least a few favorites from every wedding, in addition to the Moment Collection and my Thoughts on Thursday posts.  Those were all big checks on my 2013 list.

For 2014, I’d like to do more documentary work, especially with local businesses and families.  And I’d like to shoot about six weddings — enough to stay sharp, but not so many that I get overloaded.  And I’d like to do a couple daydreamy model shoots, just for fun.

Here’s to new goals and new adventures.  Happy New Year, everyone.


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    Danielle D.
    December 31, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    I’m excited that Albert and I will get to be one of the six! We’re so very thankful for your generosity and wonderful photography 🙂 Happy New Year’s!

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