Happy Birthday, Nolan | Blacksburg, VA photography

When Laura asked me to come over and shoot some photos of little Nolan’s birthday party, I was totally flattered.  Laura is a great photographer herself, and it’s always nice to work with other photographers.  I was really excited about the chance to do some documentary coverage for something that is not a wedding.  I took a slew of photos, including detail shots (Nolan had a dinosaur themed party, and it was adorable), and of course the family will get them all in color.  But for today’s blog, I just want to show some of my very favorites in black and white.

NolanBlog-27 NolanBlog-28 NolanBlog-29

NolanBlog-1 NolanBlog-2 NolanBlog-4 NolanBlog-5



NolanBlog-12 NolanBlog-14


NolanBlog-35 NolanBlog-26

And just because the obligatory cake smash photo should be colorful and fun:


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