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Thoughts on Thursday: At home in 2013

For this first “Thoughts on Thursday” of the year, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite personal photos from 2013.  They’re just little snapshots of my children and our life at home.   Here you go, in mostly chronological order.

Jan8web-37Jan8web-19Jan21web-4 Jan31filmweb-8 Feb13filmweb-1 Feb13filmweb-7

March28web-11 March31web-11 April6web-30 BeachJune24web-14 BeachJune24web-28 BEACHJune27web-10 June7web-24


July15Web-9 July15Web-11

Aug22web-3 4K6C0348Sept14web 4K6C5427Sept14web

June22web-15 June22web-21

Oct1web-1BabyJamesWeb-48 BabyJamesWeb-34

JamesWeek2web-1 JamesWeek2web-8 Dec17web-6 Dec3web-14 Dec3web-38 Dec3web-52 Dec17web-37 Dec17web-27Dec17web-38 Dec26web-30 Dec26web-47 Dec26web-52 Dec26web-53 Dec26web-8 Dec26web-69

And of course, my next challenge is getting more photos of Caroline and James together.  Not as easy as it sounds.

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