Emily & Brian | Sinkland Farms Wedding Pictures

It has occurred to me that I never properly blogged Emily and Brian’s Sinkland Farms wedding pictures.

Emily and Brian were married in the fall of 2012, in the barn at Sinkland Farms. They’e done a beautiful job preparing their barn area for weddings and ensuring that seasonal decor is all around. It’s a rustic and fun setting, and their enromous blue mason jar chandelier is not to be topped.

DecorCandidsWeb-1_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-14_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-2_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-16_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-11_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-12_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-13_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-10_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-25_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-22_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-8_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-6_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-27_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-18_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-48_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-54_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-66_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-29_blog.jpg BrideGroomWeb-70_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-43_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-49_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-50_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-54_blog.jpg CeremonyWeb-16_blog.jpgCeremonyWeb-28_blogCeremonyWeb-43_blog DecorCandidsWeb-94_blog.jpgDecorCandidsWeb-96_blog.jpgDecorCandidsWeb-91_blog.jpg DecorCandidsWeb-97_blog.jpgDecorCandidsWeb-103_blog.jpgThinking of planning your own wedding at Sinkland?  Check out these tips for getting married in the Blacksburg area.

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