Tessa and Jacob’s Chateau Selah Wedding

You never know what connections you’ll make in life, or how friends and family will come through for you.

About two years ago now, some local photographers and I decided to organize a spring workshop day.  It was just at time for us to shoot together and try out some new techniques in a non-business setting, and we needed models.  When I put out a call for a couple interested in some engagement-style portraits, my aunt answered.  Now, my aunt is not engaged… but she did know of a young couple she taught in middle school who she thought might be perfect.

And they were.

Jacob and Tessa modeled for us in April, then shot some additional photos with me at Virginia Tech the next fall.  Tessa did a third shoot — her bridals — last summer, and then I finally got to shoot their Chateau Selah wedding in Blountville, TN last September.  I don’t usually get to work with a couple three times before their wedding, but I am really glad I did this time.  Tessa and Jacob are simply fun to be around.  They have bright smiles and big hearts.

Congratulations, Jacob and Tessa.  Let’s do an anniversary shoot next!


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Special thanks to Shannon Maggi for second shooting at this wedding.  The last image you see here is one of my very favorites of the whole year, and she is the one who took it.  I asked her to get the back view of the sparkler exit, and she got something even better than I expected.  Perfectly metered and framed, and a fitting farewell to this beautiful couple.  You can see more of Shannon’s work on her website here.

And I’d like to do a special plug here for their venue, Chateau Selah.  It is a stone chateau hidden on a mountaintop in the farmland surrounding Bristol, Tennessee.  You’d never expect to be there, but it is, and it’s stunningly beautiful.  There are unbeatable views, ample outdoor seating around a stone patio, greenery and fields for portraits, and the inside… oh my goodness.  If I ever put together another photography workshop day, we’ll try to have it there.  I was super impressed and would recommend it to anyone still hunting for their perfect wedding venue.  We also shot Tessa’s bridal portraits there, which I’ll share here before too long.

Tessa and Jacob’s vendors:

Bride’s and Bridesmaids’ dresses: Mori Lee

Tuxes: rented through Jos A. Bank

Venue: Chateau Selah

Officiant: T. Bryson Smith

Florals: Connie Timmons, Floral Designer

Decorations: Alicia Patrick with The Lost Penny 

Linens: Celebrate Rentals

Caterer: Taylor Rutherford with Johnson City Catering

Cake: Unique Cake and Catering in Bristol, TN 

DJ for reception: Night Moves Mobile DJs

Strings for ceremony: Signature Strings & Bows 

Make up: HD Make Up Artistry

Hair: Sitina and John Tester at Gilt Hair Studio

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