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Moment 24 | Dreaming


My daughter, Caroline, aboard the Polar Express in North Carolina.  This is one of my new favorite photos.  Having already guzzled down a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and eaten a cookie and a large portion of her bag of candy, she was ready to check out for a bit.  They turned the lights off in our car so that the evening light could filter in through the windows.  I saw her gazing out, backwards in her seat, and pulled my camera up as quietly as I could to get the shot before (a) she saw me and (b) her bouncing three-year-old brother got between us.

This trip was magical, and just what we needed at Christmas this year.  If you’ve never ridden the Polar Express, I highly recommend it.  It only takes an hour to get to the North Pole and the trip there and back is full of goodies and surprises.

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