Thomas & Emma | Baltimore Wedding


I made the choice not to book more than a handful of weddings in 2017, so I feel very fortunate that one of the ones I DID sign onto was this gem of an event in Maryland.  Thomas and Emma were married at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, which was a unique challenge for me.  Most of my weddings involve portraits with trees and greenery in the background.  Maybe some mountains or flowers. This time there was a noticeable lack of nature.  I had only urban architecture and a tug boat to spark my imagination.  But it worked.  And who can resist a tug boat anyway, really?  Don’t we all have a soft spot for them?

In lieu of a long, scrolling blog post, I’m trying something new today: a wedding slideshow. Three minutes of proud parents, a dress with pockets, wind and water, curly hair, deliciously blue evening light, and some seriously uninhibited dancing.  I think you’ll like it.  I know I do!

Special thanks to my friend Chris Lin for second shooting this wedding with me.

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