Best of 2019: Fall Family Portraits

How many times have I posted to this blog to apologize for not posting to this blog?

Well, I won’t do it again!

Just piping in to say happy new year to you and your family.  I hope 2020 brings you plenty of good luck, lots of laughter, and just the right amount of adventure.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor family portraits from 2019, and this time they all happen to be from the fall.

I also got to meet a bunch of newborn babies and high school seniors, photograph a couple wonderful extended families, and spend time in several family homes taking documentary photos this year, but those images need their own posts.  And as for personal photos… I took them!  But my daughter and her friends have learned to google, so I’m not sure many will ever make it to this website until she can at least preview them first.  (Hi, Caroline.)  If you want to keep up with us at home, or even follow my new 365 project (I predict it to last 9 days), be sure to follow me on Instagram: @nataliegibbsphotography.

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