Taking Your Own Newborn Portraits

Back when things were normal, I could visit clients to take pictures of their new babies.  I had several newborn sessions booked for this spring, and I’m so mad at COVID-19 for canceling them.

But here’s the good news: babies are cute for a long time.  Waiting longer for portraits can be frustrating, but it also means they will begin to show more of their own personalities and features in the pictures later on.  They will fit their clothes better, especially those pretty dresses and cute little pants sets.  You will be less tired.  You’ll have time to shop for your new favorite clothes and possibly even clean your house.  So, don’t panic.  The photography world will still be here when this all ends, whenever that is.  And we’ll be more than ready to shoot!

In the meantime, you may not be able to have a photographer over to your house for a while.  Does that mean you can’t have beautiful newborn pictures?  NO!  Of course not!

With a little guidance and practice, you can take some beautiful photos on your own (and then meet up with your photographer for a family session once this is all over).   To help, I’ve made a little video for you as a crash course in newborn photography.  I don’t talk about composition, camera settings, editing, or the ins and outs of posing tiny babies… those are things that take a long time to practice and master, and I can’t fit them in a 12-minute video.  I DO talk about where to find great light, what kind of set-ups to use, and some basic posing tips.  I’m hoping it’s enough to get you started!

Remember: something is better than nothing.  If you have a camera or even a phone, you CAN take some beautiful pictures to capture this time yourself.

Take a look!

Remember, safety is the NUMBER ONE priority.  Never do anything you aren’t sure about.

Let me know what questions you have, and if you try this, I’d love to see how it worked out for you.  If you get stuck, give me a call or email and I will jump in virtually to help you all I can.

Now, get that camera/phone out and start practicing!



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