Family Fridays | Top Five Parenting Blogs

I thought for today’s post, I’d get a list of my favorite parenting blogs together for you.

Please enjoy, in no particular order.

1. Comomedy – My friend Katie just started this blog, and it has been consistently great.  Always funny, well-written, and honest.  The first post I read from her was this Valentine’s Message, in which she writes her own “I love you” book for her toddler.  Oh, I wish that book were actually published.  Definitely bookmark this blog and check it frequently.  It’ll brighten your days.

2. Coffee + Crumbs – Coffee + Crumbs is a collective blog, and there are two things I love about it.  First, the design is beautiful: minimal, clear, easy to read and navigate, with one simple but pretty photograph per post.  Second, the writing is always good: well-paced, funny, and a bit sentimental.  And it covers a range of topics pertaining to motherhood and parenting.  I loved this post where a well-meaning stranger tells a mother to “enjoy this time, dear,” advice we’ve all heard multiple times and that isn’t always easy to follow.

3. Brave in Love – This blog used to be called “Dear Baby” and I still think of it as that, even though neither of Melissa’s kids are babies anymore.  This blog has grown on me more and more over the years.  She writes with an earnestness that is often really touching and sometimes quiet poetic.  I love that she’s a working mom, a voice that is often missing from the mom blog community at large.  Her family just seems like a really fun but super genuine and caring bunch of people, who also happen to wear the most fashionable outfits ever.

4. Fosterhood in NYC – Oh my goodness, this blogger is amazing.  I’ve been following her story for a few years now.  She’s a young NYC resident (and working mom!) who has been fostering children for a while now, but works on developing lasting relationships with the kids even after they’ve been reunited with their birth families.  Right now she has an adopted daughter and is trying hard to adopt a second (both girls were placed with her at the same time), but the system is really making things difficult.  It’s amazing to read of the challenges she faces as a foster mom as well as the rewards.  (The girls’ names are changed in this blog and you can’t see photos of the foster kids’ faces… She is always very, very careful to protect the children and follow all necessary rules.)

5. Red Tricycle – I’m not sure this really counts as a blog, but I’m including it in this list because it’s been so useful for us.  Red Tricycle sends me their newsletter every few days, and it’s often full of actual good advice and tips relating to life with kids.  I particularly like their vacation recommendations, including their playground lists.

I left out several others I look forward to reading each day, partly because they’re quite personal I’m not sure their writers would really want to see them advertised in this way.  Suffice it to say that the Tumblr community in particular is full of great parenting blogs that are easy to follow and interact with.  I feel like I’ve gained so many new friends from being on tumblr myself (growingupgibbs – look me up!).

Which parenting blogs do you enjoy?

And since I don’t have a photo that goes with “top five parenting blogs,” I’m adding one of me and James and my camera.



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