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Family Fridays | The Bathing Suit Dilemma

First of all, I want to begin this post by saying an official farewell to “Mondays with Mamas.”  It’s been fun, but I feel really bad about excluding — albeit virtually — anyone who isn’t a “mama.”  That’s just not how I want to roll here.  Particularly at a time when I think being accepting to all different types of families is so important.  I want this portion of my blog to be for any family, and so I’m renaming it “Family Fridays” and moving it too… well… Fridays.

And honestly, it sounds better anyway, right?

And now, on with the show.

Can we talk about bathing suits?


I’ve been trying to buy Caroline a new bathing suit for this summer.  We got two years out of her previous ones, which is incredible considering how much she grew in that time.  But she’s just turned four, and I think we’re ready for an upgrade.

The problem is, I’m find very, very little that I like in the stores.  Here are my rules:

1. Not neon.

No one looks good in neon, including my daughter.  (Okay, maybe Beyonce does… but that’s it.)  Caroline wants a green bathing suit, but what little green I see is OBNOXIOUS and unflattering.  And this is not to mention that neon totally throws my camera off its game.  It really photographs terribly.  Can someone please just make a nice emerald green bathing suit that doesn’t look like it will glow in the dark?

2. No characters.

I’m all for Elsa being on Caroline’s shirts and blankets and bags, but I just don’t think the snow queen belongs on an article of clothing intended for frolicking in the sunshine.  (Anna, maybe, but she’s rarely pictured alone.)  Caroline isn’t into many of the other princesses and her favorite TV show characters aren’t printed on girls’ suits at all (The Neverland Pirates and Octonauts are big right now).  I keep having to look past Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, Ariel, and a slew of other characters, and all I really want is a solid color or a pretty pattern.

3. One piece.

I don’t care what other mothers put on their children.  But for my little girl, I just really want an old-school one-piece swimsuit.  Something that looks unquestionably childlike and that will stay put while she’s jumping around in the water.  I see so many two-piece suits and bikinis for toddlers right now, and while I don’t want to get into a discussion of what’s considered appropriate for girls to wear, I just don’t think it’s what I visualize for Caroline at this point in her life.  Plus, her bottoms would never stay up.  And the new rash guard trend… It speaks to me as an adult who wants to hide some skin, but I would really miss seeing Caroline’s little shoulders, and she’s not a super sporty girl anyway.

4. Not a costume.

We do not need a bathing suit that looks like a ballet leotard with an attached tutu.  We already have a ballet leotard and several tutus.  We also do not need a bathing suit that looks like a mermaid’s scales, a princess dress, or any other costume.  We just want a bathing suit that looks like a bathing suit.

5. Ruffles, please!

This isn’t a hard rule, but I give bonus points to any swimsuit with ruffles on it.


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