Alicia & Chris | Christiansburg, VA Engagement Pictures

I’m not a tremendously lucky person. I never win anything (except a curling iron at a cake walk in the 6th grade), I always owe more taxes than I think I will, and I run into things all the time. But I do have one thing going for me, which is that I usually end up with pretty good weather on photo days.

Last Monday, Christiansburg enjoyed beautiful blue skies and warm weather all day long. And then, about an hour before we were to begin this session, we got smacked with a torrential downpour. I’m talking sheets of rain. We talked about rescheduling the session, but by the time the rain was imminent, Alicia was already getting her hair and makeup down. So we went with it. I figured we’d rock some umbrellas and some reflective pavement and puddle pictures and make the best of the situation.

But I got lucky.

The skies cleared up for almost exactly two hours, just long enough to complete the session. Alicia and Chris had two outfits and two very distinct locations, so I’m going to split this post up and show you the rest later. For now, here are some photos of them relaxing together in the countryside, appoximately 5 minutes before the next great downpour began.


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