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The Collivers | Blacksburg Documentary Family Photography

The older I get, and the more my children grow, the more I fall in love with documentary family photography.  It doesn’t always result in everyone smiling at the camera, but it is a beautiful way to preserve  a snapshot of your daily life as a family.  In the future, when you finally wade past the chaos and inevitably forget all the tiny details of these days, it’s a way to hear their tiny voices, and see the silliness, and experience a singular day all over again.

These sessions and the resulting photos warm my heart.  And when combined with a bit of motion and music… well, I think you’ll feel it too.

Now presenting the Colliver family and their Day in the Life video.

Many thanks to the Collivers for inviting me into their home for the afternoon.  The energy of your children and the love surrounding them was inspiring.

If you’d like to see a couple more of these videos, click here.  And if you’d like to talk about setting up your own family documentary session, email me: natalie@nataliegibbs.com.

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