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Maddie at Home

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been shooting a LOT.  Weddings or portraits almost every weekend this summer, and in between, a lot of pictures of my own family on vacation.  It’s busy, but fulfilling.

One of the highlights was taking a break from weddings to make this little documentary video with Maddie and her folks.  We had breakfast, played at her house, danced, fed the dogs, painted nails, and then slipped out for a more classic mini session at a creek, which I’ll have to share a bit later.  Maddie is three years old and full of personality and energy.  I just loved watching all those blonde curls bounce and swing as she skipped along through her morning.  She’s quite the storyteller and got the sillies during our interview, but I like that I got to record her parents speaking a bit as well.

Maddie, you’re one of a kind.  I hope you and your family enjoy your video and pictures.

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