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The Vippermans | Family Documentary Photography

I was delighted when Stephanie wrote to me to say she wanted to try an in-home family documentary session.  And she had the perfect reason: they are building a new house, and wanted to commemorate their time in this one before they had to leave it.  I totally got it.  I look around my house and just ache when I think of leaving here.  Our homes are more than our homes, aren’t they?  They hold the bones of our very memories.  I still feel connected to every little apartment I’ve lived in and every regular vacation spot we’ve grown to love.  (Ok, if I’m being honest, I even get a little sad when I have to say goodbye to a weekend hotel room.  I might be overly sentimental about this stuff.)

So, here are the Vippermans, featuring Kendra and little Kipton, at home, on what would be one of their final weekends there.   A little girl in a fairy costume, a little boy in PJs, and a happy mom and dad.  Pancakes, puzzles, painting, and an extremely patient dog.   Toddler giggles and a little girl who gets “so hungry sometimes,” but loves her parents above all else.   Just a regular day at home.

I hope you enjoy this little peek inside their world as much as I enjoyed documenting it.



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    Sam VanWagner
    February 14, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    This is beautiful. You are a true artist, Natalie. I just love this little snapshot of real life. Gorgeous family Vippermans!

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