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Meet Emma Rose | Blacksburg Family Photography

I got to spend the morning with the Gordon family and their sweet, sweet baby, Emma Rose.

As I write this, my own sweet “baby” — who is almost four — is howling away upstairs because he doesn’t want to go bed.  This is a daily occurrence, and one I don’t expect to miss when he’s grown.  But still, even at these difficult moments, there is a little sadness in knowing that it’s all going to inevitably pass, and so quickly.  One of the struggles of parenthood is the conflict between wanting to move on to an easier phase as quickly as you can, and wanting to remember every small detail of the one you’re currently in.  And that’s why I like the documentary approach to family photography.  You end up a set of photos that will take you right back to that time in your life, to those squishy little legs and tiny cries and gummy smiles.  You get to see yourself as a parent, something that is hard to do while you’re in the thick of parenting.  And most importantly, your children get to see it when they’re grown.  I’m not opposed to posing folks in parks, but for authenticity’s sake, it’s hard to beat a photo of Charles comforting his baby girl in her nursery, or Nannette’s wide smile as she lifts Emma Rose out of the stroller.

Charles and Nannette, thank you for letting me come be a part of your lives, if only for a morning. I hope you and Emma Rose will treasure these photos and that they’ll take you right back to the joys of this stage in your lives.

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