Meet Natalie

Natalie Gibbs Photography

Hi! I’m Natalie.  

I am a photographer based in Radford, Virginia.  I specialize in family photography, seniors, and babies.

Photography has long been a hobby of mine, and for over a decade now, it’s also been my business.  I love meeting new people and exploring their personalities through my camera.  My goal is to make art from the everyday, and capture even the most mundane moments in a way you’ll want to remember later.  I edit for realistic, bold colors, and I love to see golden sunlight, movement, and laughter in your pictures.  

In addition to being a photographer, I teach elementary music, which is possibly the most fun job in the world.  I sing and dance and play the ukulele all day long, and I love working with young kids.  I also keep myself busy with knitting, watching Netflix, and being a dance/soccer/cello/piano mom.  I have the world’s smartest husband, a busy little girl (Caroline), a wild little boy (James), a cat who mostly just sleeps, and a very spoiled English setter.   

But enough about me.  Let’s talk about YOU.

If you’ve made it this far on the website, you’re probably interested in authentic, artful images of your family.  You like photos that tell a story and convey a feeling in addition to simply looking pretty.  You care less about having a picture of your children elegantly dressed and posed like little statues than you do about having photos of them playing together with wide eyes and goofy grins.  You probably like bold colors and adventures.  Your house is never spotless.  You love the windblown look.  You’re perhaps a bit sentimental, deep down.  You’re tired of holding your own camera and are ready to jump in the photos.  You understand that this moment in your life matters, and you want it to be captured the way it truly is.

Am I right?  If so, let’s talk.